Services at St. Bartholomew's Church

The Anglican and Methodist United Church in Quorn

The former Anglican and Methodist congregations in Quorn have been united since Easter Sunday 1975 as a ‘Local Ecumenical Project’. They worship together in the ancient parish church of St. Bartholomew’s in the spiritual and pastoral care of the full-time clergy.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

 For enquiries about funerals, please contact the Church Wardens:

Paul Turlington 07713 719372

or Keith Croysdale

or ring the Verger, John Maltby on 01509 415415


For enquiries about baptisms and weddings, please contact

the Voluntary Lay Minister for Families, Dawn Daly on 07498 790141

 For general enquiries, please:


or ring 07498 790141