Our Stained Glass Windows

Dennis Marchant has been researching for the local history group, the Warner family, who during their time living at Quorn Hall, were substantial benefactors to St. Bartholomews Church. 

The magnificent east stained-glass window was installed by them in 1865, in memory of Charlotte who had died aged eleven in 1862. The window portrays Christ Crucifixion and Resurrection as well as other biblical scenes. Along the bottom it says: "In the dear memory of Charlotte Elizabeth Grey daughter of Edward and Marianne Warner of Quorndon Hall born September 1851 died 5th March 1862". In 1919 the window was removed for repairs, being replaced by a temporary window of plain glass.  

During this time Mr Warner received a poem from an anonymous rhymester. Reading the poem, and following this cold winter in church, Dennis couldn’t help but sympathise with our forefathers, as the Icey breezes blow in from Barrow Cliff !


The famous Warner window

Has gone to be re-glazed;

We knew it when, on Sunday,

We saw the light that blazed

Where formally a mixture

Of colours looked so hot;

We thought it was a fixture,

Thank goodness, it was not

The leaves of yellow and pink,

The sky of Reckett’s blue,

The plants that look like starfish,

The angel’s feathers too,

The politeness of Elijah,

At which we’ve often laughed,

Are gone; and now the window

Lets in an awful draught.

When looking at the window,

I often have recalled

The statement that Elisha

Undoubtedly was bald.

I looked for him this morning,

Alas! he has not there;

I missed him with his top-knot

Of thick and curly hair.


What though the icey breezes

Blow in from Barrow Cliff,

And fill the church with sneezes,

And make the choir sniff;

We know it’s not for ever,

For we are now informed

By Whitsuntide the window

Will come back quite reformed.