Our Church

Quorn Church is a thriving Anglican and Methodist United Church serving the Lord with both traditions. The church is a thriving church community and we have developed a large and strong group of church members who run the church’s activities. We are supported by our Methodist Minister, Lay Reader and we have a number of guest clergy from across the Diocese and Methodist Circuit, who lead us in inspirational and uplifting worship. 

Our eclectic mix of services and events are designed to achieve a wide appeal with the aim of creating healthy growth to broaden our discipleship.


What is a United Church?

St Bartholomew’s Parish Church and Quorn Methodist Church first began worshipping together for a 3 month trial period in 1975, during the following 5 years this bond developed and we became a United Church having joint services and embracing  on a relationship which continues to blossom 40 years on.


A Church is a group of people on a journey of faith. Some may be searching for a faith in the Living God. Others may have already found God or more accurately been found by God. Some may have known God for years and derived great comfort and strength from knowing and being known by God.

A Church, both building and group of people, should always be welcoming to all and we hope that’s what our United Church is.

It is our hope that people will feel free to join us at any time; and accompany us on our journey of faith.

We believe in working closely with the other Churches in the area, especially Quorn Baptist Church.  Although Roman Catholics do not have their own building in the village we are also open for fellowship with them, as and when appropriate.