Organ Specification 2006



Open Diapason          8      Existing

Rohr Gedact            8      Existing

Principal              4      Existing (Octave)

Harmonic Flute         4      New

Twelfth                2 2/3  Quietened

Fifteenth              2      New pipework

Mixture II             19.22  Revoiced, tuning slides fitted

Clarinet               8      Second hand rank, on spare slide

Trumpet                8      Replacement rank, hooded

Clarion                4      Extension of trumpet


Mixture Composition:

                        C1     19.22

                        C25    15.19

                        C49    12.15




Open Diapason   8          Existing

Gedact                 8      Existing

Gamba                  8      Second Hand on 4ft flute slide

Celeste (TC)           8      Second Hand on 2ft Principal slide

Principal       rank A  4         Old 2ft, new bass 12, on new chest

Leiblich Flute rank B  4      Existing, but on new chest

Nazard                 2 2/3  Existing

Fifteenth       rank A  2          Existing 2ft, extension of principal

Piccolo         rank B  2          Extension of 4ft flute, new top 12

Tierce                 1 3/5  1980 Larigot, recast slightly

Mixture III            22.26.29 Recast as below

Horn                   8      Present Great Trumpet revoiced


Mixture Composition:  

     C1         22.26.29

                        G#21   19.22.26

                        F#31   15.19.22

                        F#43   12.15.19

                        C#50   12.15




Open Diapason         16      Existing

Bourdon               16      Existing

Principal              8      Existing

Bass Flute             8      Extension of Bourdon, new top 12

Fifteeth               4      Extension of Principal, new top 12

Trombone              16      Revoiced

Trumpet                8      Extension of trombone


Couplers and Accessories


Swell to Great

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal


Swell Octave

Swell Sub Octave

Swell Unison Off

Swell tremulant


Great and Pedal Combinations coupled


6 Thumb Pistons for Great

6 Thumb Pistons for Swell

6 Toe pistons for Great

6 Toe pistons for swell


6 General Thumb pistons


1 reversible thumb piston for Swell to Great

1 reversible thumb piston for Great to Pedal


1 Reversible toe piston for Great to Pedal


Setter piston


General Cancel


Multi-level selector (to select departmental or general piston level)